About Adele Gilani Art Gallery


 Adele Gilani Art Gallery opened in October 2019.  Located in Sausalito's New Town District, AGAG features emerging artists from the Bay Area and beyond.  


AGAG showcases new artwork every month and hosts parties to celebrate the art.  To learn about our upcoming happenings, join our newsletter. 


AGAG is family-friendly.  Kids are always welcome unless otherwise specified.  The artwork in the gallery is relatable to adults and children alike.

AGAG has a gift shop  where you can find smaller works by our gallery artists as well as home decor, art supplies, games, stationary, apparel and more.


There is something for everyone at Adele Gilani Art Gallery.  It's the perfect place to unwind, shop, learn and feel inspired.  Please visit during regular business hours (Thursday-Sunday, 3pm-7pm) or make an appointment by email:  adele@adelegilani.com