About Adele Gilani Art Gallery

Adele Gilani Art Gallery is an intimate contemporary art oasis where you can find masterful artwork with a pop of color, and a little sparkle. Adele Gilani Art Gallery features emerging artists from the Bay and beyond, truly inspirational, bold, and memorable - art meant to change your life for the better! 


  • About Adele

    About Adele

    I'm so excited to open my very first art gallery in Sunny Sausalito.  I finished art school at the University of Kentucky with a degree in fine art printing and painting in 2006.  Since then I've traveled the world, started a family and of course made lots of art along the way - art gives me life! 


    I've always been fascinated by small local art movements and this beautiful gallery is a great place to start one of our own!  A few of my favorite artists are Summer Wheat, Joan Miro, Kehinde Wiley, KOAK, and Joan Mitchell and Damien Hirst.  I also love interior design, gardening and travel.    I'm excited to have a gallery where I can help cultivate an appreciation of art.  I can't wait to see what happens next!