Michelle's paintings are autobiographical metaphors that decribe her experience growing up with a mentally ill family member.  She favors a tightly controlled photorealistic style at odds with the chaotic subject matter.  Her work celebrates our ability to liberate ourselves from our own prison.




Michelle E Fillmore studied oil painting with Federico Paris in Viterbo, Italy and went on to graduate with a degree in painting and drawing from the University of Nevada in 2015.


Michelle’s paintings describe her struggles growing up with a mentally ill family member.  Her work opens up a discussion about mental health and point out its inherent stigmas and challenges.  Her work embodies beauty in imperfection, suggesting that childhood adversities can ultimately be opportunities to grow.


Solo Exhibitions:

 -   "Untethered: New Paintings by Michelle E. Fillmore", SHOH Gallery, Berkeley, CA, 2020


Group Exhibitions:

 -  "Halloween Opening Reception Featuring: Michelle E. Fillmore", Adele Gilani Art Gallery, Sausalito, CA, 2019.

 -  "The Summer Hang", SHOH Gallery, Berkeley, CA, 2019.

 -  "New Currencies", Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery at the Bank, Lafayette, CA, 2019.

 -  "For the Love of Art", Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Lafayette, CA, 2019.

 -  "3rd Annual Small Things", Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Lafayette, CA, 2018.

 -  "Extended Play:Vinyl Classics as Works of Art", Art Attack SF, San Francisco, CA, 2017.



-  February 2020 issue of American Art Collector 


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