Jirsa is a Plein Air painter known for her vibrant Bay Area cityscapes. 


Jirsa is a Plein air oil painter who takes on the challenge of capturing the world around her while up against the unpredictable outside environment.


Jirsa studied under painter, Lixa Yuskavage and graduated NYU with a degree in art education in 1999.


She is often found around the Bay Area painting her impression of the city streets with vibrant color and wild brush strokes.
Jirsa’s goal is not a perfect likeness (there are cameras and computers for that), but to capture the spirit and energy of the places she goes using the power of color and perspective.


Her motivation comes from the connection she makes with the neighborhood while painting. The locals keep her inspired by sharing their stories and colorful history of the location she’s painting. 


In return, she hopes to inspire people to take a deeper look at places they pass every day or only once in a lifetime and enjoy the beauty found in the layers of history around them.


Jirsa’s paintings will transport you to another time and place.