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  • Gallery from Home

    5 Ways You Can Support AGA Gallery During the Covid-19 Crisis
    by Adele Gilani
    Adele Gilani Art Gallery

    While AGA Gallery is temporarily closed during this difficult time, I am still committed to sharing artwork and inspiration with our growing art community.  Here are a five ways you can enjoy AGA Gallery from home.




  • by Adele Gilani
    LIOCO Wine Company offering free shipping on 6+ bottles

    LIOCO wine has supported AGA Gallery from the beginning, making it affordable for us to host our events with delicious local wine. Please consider supporting them by purchasing fantastic wine to drink at home.

  • Meet The Artist : Michelle Fillmore

    Michelle Fillmore, Las Vegas-born realistic oil painter
    by Adele Gilani
    "Baggage" by Michelle Fillmore
    "Baggage" by Michelle Fillmore

    By painting things that involve my past and current experiences, and exposing my very personal fears and desires in my work, I have a chance to make work that will actually mean something to people. What people really respond to most in my art is honesty.