• 9 Ways Nature Can Inspire Your Art Today

    With Examples by Working Artists
    by Adele Gilani
    9 Ways Nature Can Inspire Your Art Today

    Are you looking for artistic inspiration? Look no further.  Mother Earth is a magical muse.  Follow along as I show you nine ways artists let nature be their guide including:

    • Reimagining nature
    • Using natural materials in traditional artforms
    • Sustainability and Conservation
    • Floral Art
    • Art that Interacts wtih Nature
    • Sculpting with nature
    • Plein Air painting
    • Guerrilla gardening 
    • Art with kids

    I hope this post inspires you to find ways to bring more of the natural world into your work.  

  • The Guerrilla Art Guide

    Be a Beacon of Hope for Your Community With Guerrilla Art
    by Adele Gilani
    The Guerrilla Art Guide

    In this article:

    • I explain what guerrilla art is.
    • I share some of the guerrilla art projects I've done in the past.
    • I’ll also give a list of guerrilla art projects you can try. 
    • I share examples of  guerrilla art that inspires me. 

    During this time of global crisis, can you find ways to use art to strengthen your community and build a future around love, beauty, compassion and delight?  I hope these stories embolden you to do a guerrilla art project of your very own!  

  • How Art Can Help You Cope with Quarantine

    Infuse your day with joy and meaning by making your very own art!
    by Adele Gilani
    How Art Can Help You Cope with Quarantine

    In this article, I’m going to give you some ways you can make art at home with materials you already have at your fingertips. 

  • My Quarantine Coloring Book

    Stay Inspired While You Stay Inside
    by Adele Gilani
    My Quarantine Coloring Book

    Free Printable Coloring Book