You are an artist as soon as you make something.

You are already creative.  Becoming an artist is letting that creativity flow out of you so that others can experience it.  It isn't about finding a niche, or marketing or practicing.  It's about getting your insides on the outside.  It's about making something inspired by your personal thoughts, emotions and inspiration.  

When you start to express yourself creatively, especially when you create something for the first time, this will be the beginning of a daily practice because you will start to see your art in everything you do whether it be subject matter, style, color, shape, whatever it is that correlates to your artwork.  These correlations will inspire new art and on and on until you have a creative practice.

An example.  When I first started art school A LOT of students in my drawing and painting classes would make eyes and birds.  So many eyes and birds... It made you feel like it was not original to paint eyes and birds and like everyone could do eyes and birds so better not to. 

Looking back, after making art for many years, I see we were making eyes because they were seeking what to paint, they were making birds because a bird is the ultimate symbol of freedom or else something so far and so fleeting, you could never grab it.  Eyes and birds are the perfect subjects for searching for our creative selves, this infinite well of being created by stardust, as old as time.

Allow yourself to make something and THEN ask what is this? What does it mean to me? How can I make this again and again, each time closer to my vision. 

But the first step is creating something, whether that's drawing a self portrait or collaging two magazine pages together.  Create the damn thing, then spend time with it.  Make it again and again.  Art is living poetry.  Share it!  Your art in concert with others is everything. 



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