We aren't born knowing exactly how to express ourselves or even know who we are.  It's a path of discovery.  

As a youngster, I let academics and then Christianity be my identity.  I took on parts of these identities that didn't serve me.  I didn't have the tools to discover myself.  I didn't know to seek out any tools.  

It wasn't until my best friend, senior year of high school gave me some drawing supplies for Christmas and I began to see myself for the first time in the random things I created.  They began to tell a story about my life.

The more artwork I made, the more artwork I noticed around me, the less I felt alone.  Life felt like an adventure where I could make choices.  

There is a language of design and color my heart can speak.  There will never be enough hours in a day or days in a year to learn all I can about my creative process and the process of others.  Creativity is critical to my health.  

Markers, paints, crayons and paper are all tools we can use to discover our voice and put our inside on the outside.  Self expression is joy, health, vitality, sharing yourself and learning about yourself.  


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