“Germinate” by Adele Gilani

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Germinate, 2018

- Original acrylic painting by Adele Gilani

- Size: 30x20"

- Framed and ready to hang


About Adele


Adele Gilani didn’t start painting her imaginative Fauvist-like landscapes until she moved to California from Kentucky where she was born and raised. As a Kentucky girl and young artist, she didn’t feel comfortable outside because she was, and still is, terrified of daddy-long-legs. Lucky for Adele, they don’t exist out west as far as she can tell and the freedom and joy she experiences in the great outdoors is palpable in her color-saturated oil paintings.

Adele graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in fine arts. Adele is a gallery owner in Sausalito, California and mother of two. Many of Adele’s painting have a pink sky as a self-referential nod to motherhood. She also incorporates glitter into many of her works as a reminder that we are all stardust.


My landscape paintings celebrate the western landscape. Over time, I include symbols of motherhood and philosophy but my foundation is the beauty I see in nature- which secretly, I consider a gift for my perseverance in following my heart so far from where my life started out. It’s like the redwoods are the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow I tried so hard to find. The more I move toward beauty and the natural world, the more it reveals itself to me. It’s a magic I hope I can help others come to find.


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