Sunscapes: Icarus Survives

20 August - 11 October 2020



Sunscapes, Icarus Survives. Abstracted Sunscapes of the California Coast on exhibit at Adele Gilani Art Gallery.


Adele Gilani Art Gallery Presents Jason Engelund Sunscapes, Icarus Survives August 20 - Sept 27, 2020. Closing reception Sept 26


In Jason Engelund’s artwork the Sun, Sea and the transformative experiences of the California coastal landscape are the subjects for large, colorful, and mysterious abstracted photographs. Photographing the Sun and Sea Engelund presents bold, surreal and almost psychedelic artworks continuing the long tradition of California arts influenced by the area’s landscape. 


Engelund’s artwork “the Sun Never Sets” is held in the permanent collection of the Museum of Photographic Arts. On display at the gallery will be a selection of the artworks that were included in the museum's triennial invitational exhibition of 2017 “Boundless” showcasing the leading 11 California based photographic artists in 2017. “These artists are pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible in the medium of photography… It is leading a global dialogue on the redefinition of the medium.” Deborah Klochko, Executive Director, Museum of Photographic Arts.


Photographing the Sun is layered with meaning, and Engelund has been practicing this for years along the coastline of HWY 1 in Marin county. Art writer and curator A. Will Brown described Engelund as being “distinctly aware of the conceptual and metaphorical capacities of landscape”. The artist’s use of film cameras gives a warm, analog natural quality to the imagery, which range in size from intimate small pieces to expansive wall size prints. Limited edition reserve level fine art is on display, along with affordable small, open edition works for those new to collecting art.

The gallery is open Saturday- Sunday 3-7pm. or email or call, 859-489-3714 to schedule an appointment. 


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