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I first heard the term “Gate of Marin” from my brother-in-law over Eid.  He’s a real brain, always writing an article for the local paper when he rolls into town, regardless of the town.  He’s the type of person who’s interested in everything.  He said, “I’m surprised no one’s ever done anything with “Gate of Marin, you know, Gate of Marin, like in the Kerouac Poem. Google it, he spent some time there, and it has a real ring to it. Gate of Marin, Gate of Marin.” 

And then, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  In Kerouac’s words, “ …the Gate of Marin to the north or San Jose south, the clarity of Cali to break your heart.” But what’s the Gate?  The Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, the fog?  For me,  it’s all of the above.  The Gate of Marin is the force beckoning you from San Francisco to Marin like it’s beckoned so many before- greats like Jerry Garcia, Otis Redding, Alan Watts and Shel Silverstein.

So this design is an ode to that, a call to hop the ferry, buss, or auto into the Gate of Marin to the magic that awaits. 


"But it was that beautiful cut of clouds I could always see above the little S.P. alley, puffs floating by from Oakland or the Gate of Marin to the north or San Jose south, the clarity of Cal to break your heart."  -Jack Kerouac

Celebrate Sausalito with this unique design by Cricket Press [Lexington, KY] 


  • 60% cotton and 40% polyester
  • Relaxed fit
  • Side-seamed construction