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"Self Portrait in Bloom" by Adele Gilani is an extraordinary work of art that seamlessly blends the influences of legendary artists like Van Gogh, Yves Klein, Joan Mitchell, and the profound storytelling found within the pages of "Mountains Beyond Mountains," a book that explores the incredible life and work of Doctor Paul Farmer and the power of hope.

In the process of creating this painting, Adele delved into the human form, using tones that create a mesmerizing nervous system within the otherwise lush foliage motif. The bouquet depicted comes alive, capturing the essence of a human soul brimming with confidence and hope to build a better world.

This captivating piece is a celebration of self-discovery, radiating with a vibrant sense of hope and boundless optimism for the future. Adele's mastery of oil and glitter on canvas is beautifully showcased in this impressive painting, measuring 48x36 inches.

Beyond being a mere self-portrait, this artwork serves as a profound glimpse into Adele's soul and her deep connection with the natural world. With a fine arts degree from the University of Kentucky and a wealth of artistic accomplishments, Adele brings her passion for the great outdoors to life in her stunning creations. Her versatile skills in graphic design, print-making, and painting converge to form a unique style inspired by Fauvism, resulting in an explosion of vibrant colors and a palpable sense of joy.

To add this remarkable piece to your collection, simply click "add to cart" and proceed with your purchase. Domestic shipping is available at an additional cost of $200-$400. For any inquiries or further information, please reach out to Adele Gilani's art invites you on a transformative journey, connecting you with the profound beauty of nature and the limitless depths of self-expression.