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1" Premium Watercolor Wash Brush - Adele Gilani Art Gallery

1" Premium Watercolor Wash Brush

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This brush was created with a couple of things in mind:  Firstly, the materials had to be cruelty-free and totally synthetic because we don’t like hurting our animal friends. Secondly, the brush had to perform just as well as those that use real animal fur — great water retention, super fluffy, and the ability to create even washes of colour. After months of testing, we would like you to meet our 1″ Wash Brush! This wash brush is perfect for wet on wet base layers and can quickly fill an area with an even coat of water or paint. - Bristles: 100% Synthetic and cruelty free! Super fluffy and ultra soft! - Wood handle: premium tapered design for comfort and control in our classic Wonder Forest rose colour. - Ferrule: Brass with a rose gold finish. - Flexibility: bristles snap right back to their original shape without fraying. - Size: the one inch wide square tip allows for generous and even control when laying down washes.