4-Part Landscape Painting Series with Michelle Fillmore

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4-day Painting Series

Wednesdays May 18, 25, June 1 & 8

6 - 8:00pm

Ages 18+

BYOB for ages 21+

($445 fee covers the entire series of 4 classes)

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Class size: 4-8 students 

Instructor: Michelle Fillmore


In this class you will learn to paint the landscape in the photograph step-by-step in person with Michelle.  

In this beginners series, I’ll teach you the methods the old masters used, and more specifically the methods I’ve put a twist on to make a work of art. This won’t be your typical, strict, stuffy college class. The pressure is off; this is a space for you to relax and channel your energy into a new craft. For the sake of learning the basics, we will all be learning how to make the same painting, and I will be there to help you pick out which colors to put on your palette and walk you through all the steps.

Oil painting is therapy for me. In a chaotic, fast-paced world, I have found a space where my mind can slow down. In this class, I will give you the tools and the tricks I have learned over the years so you could make your own.


Layering color

Layering texture

Mixing Color


Craftsmanship tips and tricks

Brush care


We will use water-soluble oils in this class. They are real oil paints but you don't need to use any chemicals or solvents creating a much safer painting experience. All the painting supplies you need for your 16x16" painting will be provided to use in the class including an apron to protect your clothing.

About Michelle:

Michelle E Fillmore studied oil painting with Federico Paris in Viterbo, Italy, and went on to graduate with a degree in painting and drawing from the University of Nevada in 2015.

Michelle’s paintings describe her struggles growing up with a mentally ill family member. Her work opens up a discussion about mental health and points out its inherent stigmas and challenges. Her work embodies beauty in imperfection, suggesting that childhood adversities can ultimately be opportunities to grow.

In her most recent work, she takes on COVID-19 and the intense journey we have been on together as a society. Read more about recent work here: Michelle Fillmore Paints to Connect and manage Pandemic Emotions