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white peony in a blue background

"Peony" by Adele Gilani

I painted this small flower as a celebration of beauty. She is the first of many single flower paintings I intend to make behind my desk at the Gallery. When you visit, ask me what I'm working on. In the meantime, make this lovely painting yours!

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orange and purple abstract painting

"Chromatic Apathy" by Kyle Dunn

I know Kyle because our art studios used to be side by side and he builds many of my large canvases. His work is meticulously crafted and I'm so excited to share his work with you. This large scale acrylic painted was made by layering masks and painted gradients to create a painting with movement and energy.

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drawing of blue horses on a green background with flowers

"Sea Horses" by Julia Marchand

In a recent conversation with Julia, she said, "Most of what we think we know about nature as individuals comes from stories, and comes from art." Julia's artwork is both aware of and celebrates this romantic version of animal life. And for her, it's not just a way to fantasize but a way to protect the animals of the Earth.

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I think you'll love these

June is Pride Month

Celebrate with a fun layering / friendship bracelet by Ryan Porter. Ryan Porter is woman owned in NY, USA

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I just finished this puzzle with my family.

We spent 5 evenings putting this puzzle together as a family, covering it each night with a big piece of cardboard so Jamila wouldn't find and destroy it in the morning. It felt great to unplug, relax and work on a project together as a team. I highly recommend doing a puzzle with your family.

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June 20 is Father's Day

My Pappaw lives in KY and is hard of hearing so I like to write him letters to let him know what's going on in my life. I ordered these with him in mind. The illustrations are of sunprints made by laying found objects on a special type of paper and developing the image with sunlight. They remind me of summer and of spending time outside in my grandparents backyard as a child.

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About Adele Gilani Art Gallery


We stopped by on accident and couldn't be happier we did! Adele took the time to share with us artist information and piece details, that made it fast and enjoyable to purchase a beautiful Harumo Sato piece. She even delivered it and hung it for us herself, the next day. Excited to keep an eye out for more pieces and exhibits. 10/10 would highly recommend!

Nayma Z.

A cute, lovely, refreshing art gallery. The artists Adele features have an amazing vibrancy and color story. Very cool!

Alex Chen

I was more than excited to see what I could only describe as a breath of fresh air to the gallery scene, owned by an artist you’re more likely find in trendy East Bay neighborhoods or San Fransisco’s Mission. Adele Gilani—the gallery’s young owner—had a series of her own work on display along with some select artists that had caught her eye. Only a blocks from the tourist attractions on Bridgeway, and right off Caledonia Street, Adele’s gallery is more than worth a visit.

Stephen Morie

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