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  • "Arrangement" by Julia Marchand
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  • "Disappeared" Original Painting by Julia Marchand
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"A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others." -Dali


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Meet Our Artists

Bianca Avanzo

Bianca Avanzo is a graphic designer and artist living in Oakland from Bauru- Sao Paulo, Brazil. She specializes in pointillism portraiture. Pointillism the practice of applying small strokes or dots of colour to a surface so that from a distance they visually blend together

Oakland Artist, Kyle Austin Dunn

Kyle Austin Dunn

Kyle Austin Dunn is a visual artist based in Oakland, California working primarily in painting and sculpture. Kyle's artworks look sugary and delicious with factory-made colors in his signature lined motif.

Photographer Jason Engelund in his art studio

Jason Engelund

Jason Engelund is a photographer and painter living in Castro Valley, CA. Jason showcases the transformative experience of landscape by using photography and painting to abstract light, landscape, and visual perception.  

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Oakland Artist, Michelle Fillmore

Michelle Fillmore

Michelle is a photorealistic painter from Las Vegas living in Oakland, CA. She takes on COVID 19 in her recent work, a study of connection and managing pandemic emotions.

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Adele Gilani with her abstract painting, Bluebird

Adele Gilani

Adele is a painter living in Oakland, California. She is known for her vibrant large-scale abstract and landscape paintings

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Jirsa Plein Air Painting at the Palace of Fine Arts


Jirsa is a Plein air painter living in Oakland, California. "The goal is not just an impressionistic tribute to the beautiful world that surrounds us but normalizing an elite art form and taking it to the streets to be enjoyed by the masses. "

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Artist Julia Marchand at a Peta event in Tokyo

Julia Marchand

Julia is an oil painter living in Oakland California. By re-imagining the dead, mechanized way nature is often portrayed, Marchand’s work challenges us to reconcile the frightening and wondrous spaces at the shadowy heart of nature and ourselves.

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San Francisco artist, Mike Sanchez

Mike Sanchez

Mike Sanchez is a photographer and mixed media artist living in San Francisco, CA. He is known for his retro-pop San Francisco Streetcar Collection

San Francisco Streetcars
Harumo Sato Sitting in her art studio

Harumo Sato

Harumo is a Japanese painter living in Mountain View, CA. Her work aims to seek coexistence with nature and to create peace in viewers’ minds by combining psychology and the spirit of prehistoric to medieval artifacts in the Mediterranean Sea and Japan.

Stephen Wilson in his art studio

Stephen Wilson

The luxurious detail and intricacy of Stephen Wilson’s work highlights the intersection between traditional craft and contemporary culture.

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We stopped by on accident and couldn't be happier we did! Adele took the time to share with us artist information and piece details, that made it fast and enjoyable to purchase a beautiful Harumo Sato piece. She even delivered it and hung it for us herself, the next day. Excited to keep an eye out for more pieces and exhibits. 10/10 would highly recommend!

Nayma Z.

A cute, lovely, refreshing art gallery. The artists Adele features have an amazing vibrancy and color story. Very cool!

Alex Chen

I was more than excited to see what I could only describe as a breath of fresh air to the gallery scene, owned by an artist you’re more likely find in trendy East Bay neighborhoods or San Fransisco’s Mission. Adele Gilani—the gallery’s young owner—had a series of her own work on display along with some select artists that had caught her eye. Only a blocks from the tourist attractions on Bridgeway, and right off Caledonia Street, Adele’s gallery is more than worth a visit.

Stephen Morie