Gallery Hours Are Flexible


Gallery hours are flexible.  I’m open by appointment and whenever I'm here, please stop in! I'm usually around 11-3pm W-F and Saturdays 12-5pm but I travel a lot so please do let me know if you plan on making a special trip to visit the gallery. Call or text 859-489-3714

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328 Pine Street, Sausalito, CA

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328 Pine St. A, Sausalito, CA 94965


Welcome to a colorful, magical place with art and curation by Adele Gilani.

Original art by Adele and other emerging artists.

Art Kits and supplies for all ages

Painting Classes

Art Openings and Pop-ups

About Adele

Adele Gilani [Oakland] is known for her imaginative, glistening, Fauvist-like landscape paintings.  The freedom and joy she experiences in the great outdoors is palpable in her large color-saturated paintings.  

Many of Adele’s paintings have a pink sky as a self-referential nod to motherhood. She also incorporates glitter into many of her works as a reminder that we are all stardust.  This is sometimes juxtaposed with raw canvas to create a wabi sabi effect, celebrating transience and imperfection.

Adele graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in fine arts. She is a graphic designer, print-maker, painter and art gallery owner in Sausalito.  She is also an experienced teacher, avid nature-lover and mother of two.

About the Gallery

Adele Gilani wanted a gallery that was fun and welcoming, where art is bursting off the walls and the desire to create is contagious, so she made it herself! Adele Gilani Art Gallery opened in 2019 as a platform for Adele’s art with the hope that she could inspire others to make art a part of their everyday lives.  If you like bright, colorful art, whimsy and nature, this is the place for you.Gift Shop 

The Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is designed to inspire and delight.  I’ve created a gallery where you can take home something exceptional whether it's a $5000 original painting or a $4 Bob Ross sticker.  

The gift shop includes clever and unique gift items including books and art kits for all ages, cards from makers around the globe and jewelry. 

Painting Classes

Painting Classes

Painting classes at Adele Gilani Art Gallery teach foundational skills that give you confidence to dig deep into your unique artistic vision. She wants everyone to have the chance to make art and share it with the world.

Painting classes at Adele Gilani Art Gallery are a combination of self-expression, learning a skill and creating something beautiful.

Artist Pop-Ups

Pop-ups and Trunk Shows at Adele Gilani Art Gallery are artist receptions that showcase artist multiples as well as originals as a way to support artist-entrepreneurs and cultivate a more collaborative artist/gallery model.