Absolutely! We carry emerging artists which means they’re early in their career but been in the field for at least 10 years and have received some attention but are not part of a large commercial gallery yet.  Supporting artists at AGAG means you’re supporting passionate artists, a local business and the local Bay Area art scene.  

We carry a lot of original artwork as well as artist multiples.  All artwork is labelled but if you have any questions at all about whether an artwork is an original, limited edition print or artist multiple, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We can go as deep into the background and medium of an artwork as you like.  I look forward to answering any questions.

I find artists by asking my artist friends who I should look at.  I do studio visits and attend gallery shows and art events.  I build relationships with artists over time before organizing an initial pop-up show and purchase of work. 

A lot of my artists are local but there are a handful of artists across the country that I’d love to work with so I’m not fully committed to being just a Bay Area Gallery.

As an artist myself, treating artists is very important to me.  I developed a very unique business model over time because I want a fair and fruitful relationship with the artists I work with.  Traditionally when an artist is accepted into a gallery, the gallery has full control over the sale of the  artist’s body of work.  The artist no longer represents themself and much of the art remains in storage after the initial art show while the gallery works to sell the pieces to gallery collectors.  

In my gallery model, artists always represent themselves.  If the collector allows it, I share collector information with the artist.  I don’t store artwork, I purchase the artwork from the artist at wholesale so that they can continue to create.  They can use their relationship with my gallery to build trust with collectors who can then collect work from them directly.  I purchase artist multiples at wholesale and sell them in the gift shop portion of the gallery to the get the artist’s work into the hands of everyone who loves it, not just those collectors who are purchasing originals.  

I have a deep respect for artists and the work they do.  I feel so gratefull to get to be a part of their journey so 1000% I treat them as fair as possible.  

Yes, absolutely, not only monetarily but it will provide so much joy in your life that will compound over time and help you build the world of your dreams.  Supporting the artists and local business will grow the value of the Bay Area and help to define a culture of beauty  and delight.  

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Currently all the classes we offer are for all levels.  Classes are noted whether they’re for adults or children and children’s classes include an age range in the listing. 

Our payment portal accepts nearly any payment method as well as the option to pay in increments over time.

The class sizes are small so it won’t usually be possible to walk-in, instead use the payment portal on the website when you book your class. 

The most popular painting class is the Disco Ball Workshop for adults.

Your class will come with all the materials you need.  There are also additional art supplies, gift items and original art available to shop when your’e here.

Any time you do creative work you’re discovering and deepening your own artistic language.  We also hope you feel relaxed, happy  and entertained.  We’ll do our best to make that happen!

No experience necessary.  Feel free to go at your own pace.

Our instructors are professional artists but that doesn’t mean we’re going to restrict your creatively.  Instead, we’ll serve as a guide.  Feel free to stray from our painting instructions.

Sausalito mandates that all attendees 12 and older show proof of vaccination or negative PCR test to attend these events. Masks are optional.

Not yet. Join our newsletter for updates.

Cancellations with full refund are accepted 24 hours prior.   If you show up late, our instructor is not required to accommodate you but will use discretion if they can catch you up without hindering other guests at the workshop. No refunds given for late attendance.

Not always. In childrens' workshops, they are usually washable- the fabric painting class is the exception. For adult workshops we offer aprons for you to use during the workshop.

Let's Talk! I’m always on the look out for artists to share their signature style and techniques with the community.  Please reach out at info@adelegilani.com

Yes, email me for more information. info@adelegilani.com

“Definitely take a workshop! It brought me so much joy.” - Tiffany

“Michelle is an amazing artist. As an instructor, she is patient and gives clear instruction while encouraging natural creativity and to simply have fun. If you’re considering a workshop at AGAG, do it!” - Karen

“You will definitely improve on your skill, learn a couple things, and have a blast! Michelle is a talented artist and good teacher that connects with each student.” - Kelly

See a Reel of the Disco Ball Painting Workshop HERE:

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