Let's face it, toddlers and art supplies can be a messy combination! But don't worry, with a little organization, you can turn chaos into creativity. By setting up a dedicated space for your little one's art materials and involving them in the process, you can encourage their creativity and keep the fun of art alive. So, let's get started and make some masterpieces!

Encouraging Independence: The Montessori Method of Organizing Your Toddler's Art Supplies


Have you heard of the Montessori method? It's a way of teaching and learning that empowers kids with independence and hands-on experiences. And guess what? This approach can be applied to organizing your toddler's art supplies too! By providing quality user-friendly materials and setting up an easily accessible space, you not only encourage their creativity, but also fostering their independence. Plus, don't forget to involve your little one in the organization process. They'll love to help and learn valuable skills along the way. 

Keep Art Supplies Organized and Visible with a Dedicated Shelf for Your Toddler

Having a designated shelf for your toddler's art supplies is crucial for both organization and visibility. This way, your child can quickly point out  the materials they need and dive right into creating their next masterpiece. However, it's important to keep the shelf slightly out of reach to prevent any unsupervised mess-making. To further organize the space, open trays and jars are excellent storage options for art materials, and bookends can keep coloring books and paper books upright, saving shelf space. It's also crucial to keep the art supplies out of reach from the area where your child is creating to avoid them from grabbing too many materials at once.

Weeding Out the Bad: Regular Maintenance of Your Toddler's Art Supplies

Monthly check-ins are necessary to ensure your toddler has the best materials for their art projects. Get rid of any broken crayons, dried-up paints, or brushes with frayed or stuck-together bristles. Organizing and separating trays for color paper, white paper, and misc paper such as magazines for collages is another way to maintain the art shelf.

Recycle and Reuse: Keeping Your Toddler's Art Supplies Eco-Friendly

Organizing art supplies is less about cute bins and more about weeding out – giving your kids quality, intact materials to use so they can fully enjoy the art experience. While recycling run-down art materials like melting down candles to make new ones is possible, store these candles in a separate container from the other crayons to ensure they are used explicitly for this project.

Would You Use It? A Rule of Thumb for Toddler Art Supplies

Always think about whether you would want to use the materials you give to your toddlers. Don't give them materials that you wouldn't enjoy using. Also, keep completed artwork out of the art supplies section to show respect and honor the artwork.  Consider displaying or storing completed artwork.

By embracing these tips for organizing your toddler's art supplies, you'll help foster their creativity while keeping the chaos to a minimum.

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